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Great people! I’ve been renting from them for two years and finally bought a new home and only have good things to say about them. They were always attentive and handled my maintenance repairs quickly. Highly recommend.

Trevon Culton

“I can’t express how much help and admiration I have for the crew at DFW Rent Houses. They rented my property very quick and did all they said they would. Its really refreshing to being able to trust someone with my investments when I am far away from then. Highly recommend them.”

John Weber

“When we moved to Texas from another state, we initially looked to lease through some of the bigger leasing companies around DFW. After one terrible experience after another, I ran across a property from DFW Rent. It was the best move we made since moving to Fort Worth. Robert and the team always operated above board and was responsible to our needs. We definitely recommend them!”

Rob James

“As an out of state investor I needed someone who can run my investments as though it were their own. Robert and the team at DFW Rent Houses has helped me tremendously and as such I higher recommend them to others. I simply am truly hands off now and trust them to run all my rental properties.”

Jobin John

“This is a great team. They all work together and are very efficient. I love the fact of them having in-house maintenance as that saves me so much on every repair. I have had plenty of [previous managers but DFW Rent Houses actually tries to save me money instead of always taking my money and not even caring about it. I am loyal and will continue to be as they are all great people from their office lady to the maintenance men. Strongly recommend them to all.”

Hela Kedlan

“The attention to detail is why I recommend them as much as I do. I have sent several of my friends to them and they give them just as good service as I get. Highly recommend 10 stars!”

Glory Turli

I own multiple properties in Fort Worth and I’ve been working with Robert for a few years (we began working together when Robert was with a different company and I followed him when he started DFW Rent Houses). Very attentive to tenant needs and always quick to communicate with me when anything happens at one of my properties. He works with good people so even if Robert isn’t on the property there is someone on-site who shares his work ethic. I have also had a good experience with his admin team but, honestly, there’s rarely a reason for me to interact with admin. Rental disbursements are always prompt and accompanied by a billing statement detailing revenue and expenses.

Also, very dedicated to tenant placement. I see my properties listed on several sites and Robert calls me to go over applications before I give him final approval. He’s got a good sense for good tenants and he stands by his recommendations.

I started working with Robert after I met him at one of my properties so we could get to know each other and see if we were a good fit. I highly recommend that you do the same.

James Holland

“As an investor out of the country, DFW Rent Houses has earned my trust by far. I have used others but they literally take care of everything for me. I just check my bank account each month.”

Amelia Cora

Robert and Ronda are just amazing. They own the best property management company in the DFW area. Have been working with them for the past 4 years and they handle all that is required from screening and finding the right tenants, through collecting rent on time as well as making sure everything is in order and executing special required projects. Their integrity is impeccable, I fully trust their judgment and their work and as I do not live in the area now, I relay on it heavily. Finding such good, trustworthy people is close to impossible and I am very happy to have found them and have had the opportunity to get to know them. After considering all the above, even their fees are more than reasonable compared to other property management companies. If you are looking for the best property management company in the area – this is it!

Noam Ben-David

“When I inherited a home I didn’t want to sell it for sentimental value so after talking to Robert and Ronda, the owners, we put a plan together to rent it out and they have always picked out great tenants for me”

Priyaly Ema

I can’t say enough good things about Robert. He manages two duplexes for my husband and I and has allowed us to be almost completely hands-off rental owners. Before finding Robert, we were so fed up with the renting world we were ready to sell the properties. We are so very glad we found him! He has also been out to our home on numerous occasions to do yard work and projects for us and each time he has exceeded our expectations. He did a huge landscaping project for us last summer in the front and back yard and after he finished constructing a gorgeous flower bed out by our pool we discovered it had some major drainage issues. He worked with several people to find the right guys to install a proper drainage system so that we could stay close to our set budget. He has a work ethic that is rare in today’s world, often staying past dark to finish work. He is a joy to work with and we consider him a close friend. You will not regret working with him!

Megan Holland

I own many rental homes in DFW area, but live in California. They have handled everything for me with no involvement on my part. As it should be with a property management company. The renters they have placed in my properties have paid rents on time. I couldn’t be happier with a property management company. I never ever have a problem getting Robert on the phone, no matter what time I call. I highly recommend this company to meet all your rental property needs.

Marie Sinclair

Best of Arlington Awards Property Management Company

Best of Arlington Awards Property Management Company

DFW Rent Houses has been selected two years in a row for the Best of Arlington Awards for Property Management Company and now qualifies for the 2022 Arlington Business Hall of Fame.DFW Rent Houses Receives 2022 Best of Arlington Award Arlington Award Program Honors...

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