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When leasing properties, our goal is to get the highest market rent we can with the shortest vacancy period while taking into count the condition and upgrades of the home. Homes in better condition with more upgrades will generally lease for more than similar ones that are in not as good condition with fewer upgrades.

As the market is constantly changing, with supply and demand fluctuating on a daily basis, we also consider how much activity (calls and showings) our listings are getting and adjust the price accordingly to minimize any vacancy periods.

Property Management

For higher-priced work orders, we will need After we find you a qualified tenant, we aim to respond to any requests they may have in a professional and timely manner. Questions about their lease, getting a pet, changing roommates? We’re here to answer those questions and help facilitate any changes that need to be made.

In addition, we handle all maintenance issues and are on call 365 days a year and available for them to report issues, help them troubleshoot, and send out qualified maintenance vendors if needed so you don’t have to be.

Customer Service

We know that property management companies are service businesses and the key to providing good service is excellent communication. We regularly update you and the tenant about what’s happening with the property so you don’t have to wonder and follow up with us.

We love to discuss how our service goals align with your investment property objectives. Give us a call today!