We care about our tenants and manage nice homes owned by landlords who maintain the rental properties.

Qualifying Guidelines

We like to be upfront about what we’re looking for so you can self-qualify before submitting an application and paying the required fee which is $50 per adult. All adults living at the property must apply.

Credit Requirement

We run credit with Experian so your score may be higher or lower if you’ve ran a report recently with another credit bureau.

Score: 650+

This is needed on all our luxury homes.

Score: 600-649

Our most common range.

Score: Under 599

May require an additional deposit and/or risk fee. Stability and job time helps here.

Income Requirement

We look for household income that is at least 2.5 to 3 times the amount of rent.


You can provide two recent paystubs to satisfy this requirement.

Tax Returns

We will accept tax returns if you do not receive regular paystubs.

Bank Statements

Bank statements showing regular deposits monthly that are at least equal to three times the monthly rent.

Landlord References

We will contact your current and previous landlords for a reference about your tenancy with them. A copy of the lease may be required.

If you live with relatives

Must show proof of residency, such as a utility bill, check stub or mail addressed and for a determined time

If you're a current homeowner

May need proof of sale or former deed or other ownership paperwork.

Moving In

Within 5 days of moving in, go through your new home thoroughly, then email us a completed Inventory and Condition Form. Also note, the completed form stays in the leasing department and does not constitute a maintenance request. If during your assessment you find anything that needs maintenance, please submit a maintenance request through your online tenant account. We want you to enjoy your new home and will work with you to ensure the property is well maintained.

Credit Check

A credit report will be secured for all leaseholders to verify account credit ratings. The results will determine applicant eligibility to rent and security deposit level. Unfavorable accounts which will negatively influence this score may include but are not limited to: collection, charge off, repossession and current delinquency. Applicants that have a credit score less than 575 will be declined OR will pay and extra deposit and/or Nonrefundable Risk Fee.

Background Check

Back Ground Check: will be run for all addresses at which the applicants have resided. The application will be rejected for any of the following criminal related reasons:

– Any prior evictions

Employment Verification

Gross annual income will be verified for all leaseholders using your two most current payroll check stubs. Additional sources of income may be considered. If you are self-employed or primarily commission-based, a copy of the previous two years’ tax returns will be required. One month’s gross salary must be equivalent to, or greater than three times the monthly rent.

Rental Reference

Previous residence history will be verified for all leaseholders for all addresses lived at 2 years prior. The results will determine applicant eligibility to rent and security deposit level.

Reasons For Not Approving

Reasons for not approving an application may include, but are not limited to: Insufficient income, unpaid judgments, eviction, outstanding rental debt, criminal record, household size exceeding occupancy limits,
and falsification of the application information.

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