Credit Check

A credit report will be secured for all leaseholders to verify account credit ratings. The results will determine the applicant’s eligibility to rent and security deposit level. Unfavorable accounts which will negatively influence this score may include but are not limited to: collection, charge-off, repossession, and current delinquency. Applicants that have a credit score less than 575 will┬ábe declined OR will pay and extra deposit and/or Nonrefundable Risk Fee.

Background Check

A background check will be run for all addresses at which the applicants have resided. The application will be rejected for any criminal-related reasons including any prior evictions.

Employment and Income Verification

Gross annual income will be verified for all leaseholders using your two most current payroll check stubs. Additional sources of income may be considered. If you are self-employed or primarily commission-based, a copy of the previous two years’ tax returns will be required. One month’s gross salary must be equivalent to, or greater than three times the monthly rent.

Reasons for Not Approving

Reasons for not approving an application may include but are not limited to insufficient income, unpaid judgments, eviction, outstanding rental debt, criminal record, household size exceeding occupancy limits, and falsification of the application information.